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What Is a Scope Creep in Project Management?

What Is a Scope Creep in Project Management?

If you’ve done Project Management before, or at least have experienced working with a project manager, then you probably already know that scope essentially means the amount of work covered in a certain project.

So, knowing this, how do we define what a scope creep is in project management?

What is a scope creep?
In project management, a scope creep or “requirement creep” refers to how a project’s requirements tend to grow as the project unfolds. For instance, what initially started as a single deliverable becomes ten or a product that began with three basic features, now must upgrade to twelve.

Scope creeps typically happen due to project stakeholders’ changing requirements or (quite often) due to internal miscommunication and disagreements.

How to manage scope creeps.
It all boils down to Product Management when it comes to managing scope creeps. This essentially involves the following elements:

  • Monitoring the project’s status and baseline scope
  • Comparing actual work performance measurements with the baseline scope using variance analysis
  • Determining the cause and degree of the changes found
  • Deciding on change requests
  • Managing all change requests and recommended actions (whether corrective or preventive actions)

Keep up with the pace.
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