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How to Write “Less Terrible” Emails

 How to Write “Less Terrible” Emails

It might not seem important to some people, but knowing how to write decent and communicative emails is an important skill to have, especially in today’s business landscape. This is true regardless of your profession or position.

In all the years we’ve been providing Project Management in Winterville, NC, we noticed one common issue with our clients. They don’t know how to craft effective business emails.

To help you out, Centurion Project Management has made a list of tips and techniques on how you can write “less terrible” emails.

  • Structure It Right

    Writing business emails is slightly similar to writing a story. It should have a beginning, middle, and end. This is to make it easier for your reader to follow what you’re saying. Here’s how a properly structure email might look like:

    • Start with a greeting
    • Followed by a question or action requested
    • Then a concise description of context and impact
    • And finally, a closing statement
  • Always Use the Subject Line in Your Emails

    If you’re emailing someone with an important topic or request, writing a concise subject line for your email is crucial. Otherwise, how would the receiver know that what you sent him or her is to be prioritized?

    Make your subject line short and readable for faster transactions.

  • Keep It Professional

    Work emails should generally be kept professional to avoid issues with authorities or other offices in your company. If you’re unsure about a wisecrack, then DON’T put it in your email.

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